Sunday, October 13, 2019

Red Wildlfowers πŸŽ• Lassen Volcanic National Park

Today I though I'd showcase a few of my favorite red wildflowers found in Lassen Volcanic National Park!

Snow Plant (Sarcodes) was one of the easiest flowers for me to identify. The first time I ever saw this unique plant, I couldn't believe it had no leaves! How strange to see a flower with no greenery or stems. Sometimes it even emerges when there is snow still on the ground.

We've spotted Snow Plant growing around Manzanita Lake, as well as on the trail along Manzanita Creek.

Crimson Columbine (Aquilegia formosa) is a strikingly beautiful red wildflower. These flowers prefer moist locations, and the few times we've spotted it have been near the creekbed on the Brokeoff Mountain trail and along Manzanita Creek.

california wildflowers

I think my favorite red wildflower in the park has to be the Skyrocket (Ipomopsis aggregata). What a great name for a cool-looking flower! We saw the greatest concentration of these beauties on the hiking trail along Manzanita Creek.

scarlet gilia

And finally, Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja). This flower can be found growing all over the park in many different species. There were a ton of these vibrant flowers growing on the hillside of the Brokeoff Mountain trail in mid-August.

Which color of wildflower is your favorite?

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